Database Design & Development

Modern day advanced IT applications and humongous business logic with ever growing processed data file impose a sizeable challenge to database engines. Database is the most significant element for any business application. It is the focal point around which the entire software application orbit revolves. Hence, database management services are a pivotal service area as it maintains the critical data repository, for any organization. Since databases hold all the important information of the organization, they need to be continually optimized to maintain the efficiency and its cost effectiveness for any organization. With effective database services, there are maximum chances of eliminating downtime, giving business owners and users a flexible and powerful database as well as improving the performance of their valuable business operations.


Duxte is a market leader in database designing and development in Tanzania, wherein our services include customized database management as the tool for optimizing businesses and business processes. We create websites with secure backend database that solve your unique business requirements.  To effectively manage and design business processes, database solutions is the most pertinent choice. Cutting edge technologies are being developed daily to smoothen and expedite business processes using advanced Information technology. Duxte has been providing database services to various customers in Tanzania across different industry verticals. We leverage our expertise in offering services in a wide array of databases which include the entire spectrum of any organization’s database requirements. We also provide to our esteemed clients, database developers, who can work as an extended arm of your organization. Our expertise envelops a wide gamut in designing and managing diverse sets of databases, both traditional and modern, which can store structured, semi structured and unstructured data and provide solutions.

Development of a high-octane database leveraging application requires special knowledge, techniques and software engineering skills. Duxte employs highly qualified staff to achieve transformation of your business requirements into physical database design and entity. Some of our core domain strength include:

  • Proficient software and database architects
  • Information security professionals
  • Specialized database QA team

This extensive and comprehensive coverage allows Duxte to develop a solid database of web application powering its functionality and integration capabilities, efficiently supporting application workflows and data manipulation and serving as a valuable business intelligence data source.

Duxte database development experience includes dealing with both structured and unstructured data.

Our experts can work with in-house staff to completely customize to your specific needs.Every enterprise must leverage its knowledge and experience to make better and informed business decisions. At Duxte we assist you to find more efficient and smart ways to translate it into useful information that can be shared with the client.